Parent tips on how to find a babysitter or nanny

The following parent resources have been developed to help parents select the ideal nanny or babysitter, organise daily routines and build great working (& playing) relationships. This parent information has been created and collated with the input of experienced mums and dads!

Babysitter sitting with child
How to find a reliable babysitter
Find a reliable babysitter by using our 5 simple steps! Follow these steps and you’ll be confident you’ve got the best babysitter for your family.
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Babysitter interview questions to help you find the right babysitter
We’ve created an extensive list of questions to help you. Tailor them to make them relevant for you and your family!
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Babysitter giving a piggyback
How Much Should You Pay Your Babysitter?
Determining the right amount to pay your babysitter can feel stressful! Often there are a range of variables to take into account that influence the decision.
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Nanny playing with baby
Babysitter background checks: How to run one
A Background Check is a way of verifying a person's identity and looking for any past history of criminal activity.
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Nanny about to get a job
Information About Nanny Employment
The following information can help parents with employment arrangements
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Little Boy with Blocks
5 Tips to Write a Great Job Ad
Here are our tips on writing a great job ad to help you find a nanny or babysitter
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How to Reference Check a Babysitter
Conducting a reference check for a babysitter or nanny is one of the most important steps to take before scheduling a date
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Babysitter with baby
10 Tips to Care for your Babysitter
Here are some practical things to do when your babysitter arrives for her first day on the job
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Babysitter reading to kids
Babysitting rates by state and top cities
We know how hard it can be to determine the right babysitting rates to pay your sitter. Look no further! Here’s our extensive list for you to find the babysitting rates near you.
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Nanny playing patty-cake
What is a Nanny?
A nanny is a professional who cares for children in the family's home. They may work part-time or full-time.
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Girl with magnifying glass
What is the difference between a nanny and a babysitter?
Very often the terms babysitter and nanny are used interchangeably. This is understandable because the roles and responsibilities of a babysitter and nanny do overlap significantly.
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Au Pair playing with child
What is the difference between an au pair and a nanny?
The main difference is that the au pair lives with the host family and assists with caring for the children part-time.
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Nanny playing with child
How much does a nanny cost?
The cost of a nanny is one of the considerations for parents when they are researching the right mix of childcare for their family
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Child with gift for babysitter
20+ gift ideas for your babysitter
Check out our list of the perfect gifts for your babysitter, for all budgets.
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Child with hundred dollar bills
Do you tip a babysitter?
Tipping a babysitter is not expected - but there are times that tipping a babysitter is appropriate
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Babysitter reviewing job description
Babysitter Job Descriptions: Examples and Tips
By writing a detailed babysitter description you’ll be able to attract the perfect person for the role
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Babysitter with happy baby
Babysitters Ratings System Information for Parents
Babysitters and nannies can be rated online by parents, sharing valuable information via Find A Babysitter. Here are further details explaining the system
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