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What is a Before-School Babysitter or Nanny?

Parents with school-aged children often need extra help before school or after school. A babysitter can provide care for these specific hours.

What hours does a Before School Babysitter Work?

It depends on the needs of the family and the timing of school starts. Often a before school babysitter comes into the home in the early morning at 7 or 7:30am to help with the morning routine. The babysitter will then help walk, bike, scooter or drive the children to school by 8:30am or 9am.

Is it hard to find a Before School Carer?

It can be difficult to find the right person to cover a morning shift that is relatively short. Families may need to consider paying a higher rate. You may also choose to share the role with 2 carers who can cover different mornings.

What duties can the Before School babysitter do?

It is up to the family to decide, but in many cases, before school carers will be asked to make the children breakfast, pack school lunches, pack school bags, help dress the children and get them to school.

It is often a requirement for families that before school carers have a driver's license and car so they are able to drive the children to school.

What do I pay a Before School Babysitter?

The pay varies according to the role, the location and the hours. Most roles are paid very well to secure and keep the right babysitter. Rates are often $25-30/hr and over.

Can the Before School Babysitter drive my child to school?

Some parents need help driving children to school. We recommend asking the babysitters about this in detail, viewing their driver's license and seeing their Police Check. Parents may also choose to do a 'test run' and have the babysitter drive the them to and from school. This way parents can check skills and also show the babysitter the routine. Parents will also need to consider covering insurance and paying for petrol.