Nanny Employment Information

The following information is provided to help parents with employment arrangements with their nanny or babysitter.

The Best Babysitters is simply an 'introduction site' to find sitters and nannies. Our site isn’t involved in any employment arrangements. It is the responsibility of the parent and nanny or sitter to follow through with the details. However, we can provide some points to consider.

Job Description: Describe the nanny’s duties, such as childcare, domestic duties, food preparation.

Pay: State the rate per hour / day / week / base salary. Nannies must be paid minimum wage and overtime rates if they work over 40 hours in a 7 day period. Consider payment method and frequency. Allow for other expenses (outings), allowances (e.g., gas) or reimbursements. Plan pay review dates. For information about wages please visit the US Department of Labor. Nannies are under Domestic Service Employment.

Term of Employment: Plan a probationary period and performance review dates. Agree on the minimum notice period to give notice.

Conditions of Employment: Normal hours of work, overtime, leave entitlements (vacations, sick leave).

Tax: If you employ a nanny you become the employer and must comply with Federal and State tax laws. There are many nanny payroll companies that offer services to manage this for employers.

Insurance: As the employer of a nanny you are responsible for providing insurance. This can include liability insurance, workers compensation, auto insurance and health insurance. You may like to consult an insurance agent to help with this.

To formalize these points, you may consider writing an agreement or contract.

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