20+ gift ideas for your babysitter

Child with gift for babysitter

20+ Gift Ideas for Your Babysitter

Check out our list of the perfect gifts for your babysitter, for all budgets. From chocolates, to candles to cosmetics, we’ve got lots of brilliant ideas to save you time and stress choosing a gift.

Giving a gift to your babysitter is such a great way to show your gratitude, express your thanks and build goodwill.

Babysitters do one of the most important jobs in the world - helping raise children! Babysitters offer such a valuable service to families. They often become part of the family! It’s important to care for your babysitter and show your appreciation.

Whether it’s your babysitter’s birthday, it’s Christmas or another special occasion, consider giving a gift to your sitter. It doesn’t have to break the bank, but should show that you care.

A gift does not need to be expensive. It should show thoughtfulness and care.

We know it can be difficult to come up with suitable ideas that will delight your babysitter. Let us help with our list of 20+ gift ideas for your babysitter!

1. Art and Craft Experience

If your babysitter loves being creative, an art and craft class might be the perfect gift. There are a wide range of classes that teach new skills. These include candle-making classes, paint ‘n sip classes, ceramics courses, photography workshops and jewelry-making. Creative classes are a great way to expand knowledge and meet new people too.

Art and Craft Experience

2. Spa Voucher

Give the gift of relaxation. Find your local day spa and select a voucher or choose a luxurious treatment that will pamper your babysitter. Most day spas have a wide range of remedial and relaxation massages, facials and beauty treatments. The perfect way for your babysitter to rest and recharge. (You might need to buy one for mom too!)

Spa Voucher

3. Gourmet Food Hamper

Is your babysitter a foodie? Do they have an interest in different types of foods and flavors? A gourmet food hamper could be the ideal gift, with samples of unique and interesting foods. Savory hampers are often filled with gourmet cheeses, nuts, crackers, tapenades and pastes. You could create a personalized hamper with foods you know they’ll enjoy trying. Or buy a hamper that’s done for you.

4. An Experience

An enriching experience can be a unique and memorable gift. Experiences include activities like tours (art tours), water sports (stand up paddle boarding), adventure sports (skydiving), outdoor activities (guided walks), driving experiences (go karting), animal experiences (zoo visits), sports (mini golf) and getaways (cabins). You can give a voucher for a site that allows the recipient to choose an experience. Or you can find a specific experience and give this gift.

Yoga on a standup paddle board

5. Tech Gadgets

Tech gadgets are often breaking or require upgrading! Yet they can be expensive for babysitters to invest in. Does your babysitter need a new set of headphones, earbuds or a bluetooth speaker? Would they like a charging station to make life easier? Give them a gadget or a gift voucher to update their technology.

Apple gadgets

6. A Bonus

Who doesn’t love a bonus? Give the gift of money. Your babysitter can use this for absolutely anything - whether it’s to help pay some essential bills or spurge on a special item. They can choose! A week’s pay is often the guideline for an end of year bonus. For birthdays and Christmas you might select another appropriate amount.

Babysitter Holiday Bonus

7. Gift card

A Gift Card is perfect for the person who is hard to buy for! Your babysitter can put this towards any product that can be purchased online. Whether it’s games, books, technology, music and movies, something for the home or garden, clothing or accessories - there’s a vast array of choices for your babysitter to choose exactly what they want.

Gift Card

8. Cosmetics

Does your babysitter love wearing make-up? Have you noticed that they often wear creative eye shadows, eye liners, lashes or lip colors? If so, consider giving them some fun cosmetics. Perhaps a set of eye shadows in an array of colors, or a set of lip glosses. Or a gift card to a cosmetics store so she can make her own choice.


9. Clothing Store Gift Voucher

If your babysitter has a favorite clothing brand, consider giving her a voucher to this store. They’ll enjoy choosing a brand new piece from their favorite shop.

Babysitter shopping

10. A Gift for Hobbies or Interests

Does your babysitter have a special interest, hobby or passion? Perhaps they love hiking in the outdoors, painting watercolors, or reading books. Think about a gift that relates to their special interest. Hikers may appreciate quality hiking socks and water bottles. Artists may need more canvases or brushes. Book lovers may appreciate a new release or a book store voucher. Think about your babysitter’s hobbies and choose tailored gifts that will feel meaningful to them.

Woman hiking

11. Candles

A beautifully packaged candle with a stunning fragrance can be a great gift. There are so many phenomenal candles to choose from. Whether your babysitter loves coconut lime, cotton candy, cinnamon apple, French pear or vanilla caramel - there will be a scent to suit them.


12. Perfumed Hand Cream

If your babysitter loves wearing perfume you may like to give a gift that adds layers to their favorite scent. Buy a body lotion, hand cream or body wash in the same perfume that they wear. You may need to use some clever conversational skills to find out what their favorite perfume is!

13. iTunes Gift Card

Give the gift of music, movies and books! iTunes gift cards are very flexible and can be used on both Apple and android devices. Another big benefit is that iTune gift cards never expire. So your babysitter can redeem it whenever they want, there’s no rush.

14. Gourmet Chocolate

If your babysitter loves chocolate you can’t go wrong with sweet treats! Consider giving a hamper with a mix of gourmet chocolate items - candies, cookies, chocolate bars, truffles and bonbons. Or give your babysitter a chocolate box with a selection of delectable chocolates.

Gourmet Chocolate Box

15. Foot Massage and Pedicure

We love this idea for pampering a babysitter who is literally ‘run off her feet’! A foot massage and pedicure is such a treat and will make your babysitter feel thoroughly spoiled.

Feet getting massage

16. Manicure

Does your babysitter enjoy nail art or manicures? If so, a voucher for a manicure could be the perfect gift. If they enjoy doing their own nail art, consider adding some products to their collection. A new nail tools set, nail art brushes or a nail art kit are useful additions for any budding nail artist!

17. Jewelry Box

Jewelry is very personal and can be difficult to get right. A jewelry box, however, is a great gift. It’s ideal for storing delicate jewelry safely. Choose a small box for a babysitter who travels, or a larger box for storage and display.

Jewelry Box

18. Movie Tickets

Going to see a movie can be such a fun night out, yet it can be expensive. Give your babysitter a night at the movie theater, with two tickets or a gift card. They’ll enjoy the opportunity to swap a night on the couch for a night out at the movies. For an added bonus include money for popcorn and ice-creams!


19. Picnic Blanket, Basket or Set

If your babysitter loves the great outdoors give them some picnic accessories! Either a gorgeous picnic blanket, a handy picnic basket, or some useful picnic accessories. This gift can be used time and time again for picnics with friends or family, enjoying the beauty of nature.

20. Flowers

A bouquet of flowers is such a simple, yet stunning gift. A great bunch of flowers will add color and bring joy to your babysitter’s day. Flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether it’s for condolences, congratulations or celebrations, flowers are a heartfelt gift.


21. Coffee, Tea or Chocolate Subscription Box

If your babysitter loves coffee, tea or chocolate - give her a gift that keeps on giving! A subscription box can be delivered to her door each month with new flavors to try. Boxes usually offer variations such as organic, regional, seasonal, blended, wellness or unique mixes and flavors. It will be a wonderful surprise they’ll enjoy!

22. Dining Out

Is there a special restaurant you know your babysitter would love to try? Perhaps it’s a specific cuisine - Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Indian, Spanish, French or Italian? Or a special occasion restaurant with a spectacular view? Give your babysitter a voucher to dine out!

23. Cooking Class

Does your babysitter love to cook? A cooking class can be a fun activity to learn new skills, meet people and expand culinary horizons. There are lots of class types including cooking different cuisines, baking and desserts, bread basics, BBQ classes and vegan dishes. Look for classes nearby in person or online.

24. S’mores Kit

Is there anything more joyful than eating S’mores? If you have a young (or young at heart!) babysitter, give them a S’mores Kit filled with fluffy marshmallows, delicious chocolate, crackers and roasting sticks. Put together the items in a gift box for her. Or buy a kit that’s already done for you. Your babysitter will enjoy this affordable, fun and fabulous gift!

25. Handmade Gift and Card

Sometimes a small gift may be appropriate. Home-baked goodies (e.g.,chocolate chip cookies or chocolate brownie) and a card from the children would be appreciated. It’s often heartfelt words that are the best thank you!