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The Best Babysitters is pleased to provide these childcare resources to help nannies and babysitters with relevant information. Resources you'll find here include interview tips, activities for kids, courses, police check information and more.

Babysitter with friends
How to write a babysitter bio that stands out
A babysitter bio is a summary of you. It’s used as a ‘snapshot’ online so parents can find out more about you as a person and a babysitter when choosing babysitters to meet
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Finger Painting
Babysitting games and things to do while babysitting
These babysitting games are both entertaining and educational.
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Babysitter with a child
How to become a babysitter
Babysitting or nannying can be a great part-time job, full-time job or side gig to earn extra money.
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Small girl drawing
Interview tips for babysitters and nannies
Here are some handy tips to help you succeed in your interviews for babysitting jobs.
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Nanny about to get a job
Information About Nanny Employment
The following information can help parents with employment arrangements
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Babysitter writing resume
Babysitter resume examples to help you stand out
Are you applying for babysitting jobs? Here’s our helpful guide for writing a great babysitter resume.
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Nanny sitting with child
Legal age for babysitting
Babysitting is such a great first job for young people. The job offers you some valuable work experience.
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Cute Baby
Tips for nannies and babysitters
Here are some handy tips to help you enjoy your babysitting job
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Mom sitting with toddler
What is a babysitter?
A babysitter’s role is to focus on the care, safety and wellbeing of babies and children. The details of the role can vary significantly, based on the children and the family's needs.
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Mom sitting with toddler
Babysitter taxes: How do babysitters report income?
It can feel stressful for parents and babysitters to understand and comply with tax obligations. Let us help by demystifying the income taxes that relate to babysitters and nannies.
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Babysitter getting her license
Babysitters Licenses: What are they and how to get one
Child care licensing is a formal process administered by state and territory governments in the US that regulates child care providers
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Babysitter giving a piggyback
Common Babysitter Duties and Responsibilities
Being a babysitter is such an important role, so it’s crucial to be clear about the common duties and responsibilities that are involved.
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Babysitter with happy baby
Babysitters and Nannies rating system
Nannies and babysitters can be rated by parents on The Best Babysitters, sharing valuable information
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Babysitter with computer
Safety tips for babysitters
As with all online activity, it is important for members to remain aware of scammers and to follow tips to avoid scams.
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