About The Best Babysitters

thebestbabysitters.com is a trusted site for parents to find a great babysitter or nanny nearby.

Hi, we're Jeff and Delia. A Minnesotan-Aussie couple with kids!

We started this site when we had very small children in Australia (2 children under 2 - what were we thinking?!). We didn’t have a lot of family support nearby.

We understand how hard it is when you’re away from family. There’s no one to call on in a crisis. No one to share the highs and lows. Or even just to bring an extra meal or offer a helping hand. So we relied on babysitters and nannies for that much needed help.

Soon we realized how much we’d love a site focused on finding babysitters and nannies easily. We started a babysitter site and it took off! Turns out there were lots of others just like us. Families who wanted a simple, trusted site to find sitters or nannies.

Our site is the market leader in Australia (it’s called ‘Find A Babysitter’ down under).

This year we’re excited to bring The Best Babysitters to the USA. We bring our experienced and trusted team, our friendly customer service, excellent technology and proven results to you.

Our mission is to help parents find all the best babysitters and nannies they need to make their lives easier, in an affordable way.

We look forward to hearing your stories of The Best Babysitters and nannies you meet and how they help you!

Delia Timms & Jeff Bonnes

Delia Timms and Jeff Bonnes