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Are you looking for the perfect babysitter? You’ve come to the right place! The Best Babysitters is America’s leading babysitter job site. We have a wonderful range of babysitters available for your family.

What is a babysitter?

A babysitter works in private homes to help families care for their children. They often provide casual care and part-time babysitting.

Why choose a babysitter?

A babysitter can offer families the extra babysitting and childcare they need to manage busy schedules.  Whether it’s to help parents cope with work commitments, juggle the kids’ activities or give mom and dad a date night! A babysitter provides the support that families need to keep family life running smoothly.

Is there a difference between a babysitter and a nanny?

A babysitter commonly works on a casual or part-time short-term basis to help parents. A babysitter is often called upon for occasional or ad hoc work. A nanny usually does more permanent and long-term roles for families. She is often working as a nanny professionally.

What tasks does a babysitter do?

Babysitters focus on caring for children. The details of the role are usually agreed with the parents and include things like play time, light meal preparation, bath time, bed time and child-related tidying up.  Babysitters are usually given some guidance by parents. Whereas nannies are usually more experienced and independent in managing the demands of the role.

Do babysitters drive?

Yes babysitters can drive children. We recommend that parents check that the babysitter has a safe driving record. Parents may provide a vehicle. Or parents may ask the babysitter to use her own car, given it’s insured, serviced and safe. Parents may also need to provide baby car seats or child boosters if needed. Often parents pay a higher hourly rate if driving is included in the role.

What qualifications does a babysitter have?

There is no formal qualification needed for a babysitter. Some carers may have First Aid qualifications, which is beneficial. Most babysitters are studying or working in a range of fields. Some babysitters are childcare workers or nannies who do babysitting for extra work. Lots of babysitters on our site don’t have formal childcare qualifications, but do study or work in related areas. This includes teaching, nursing, allied health and the arts. Many of our babysitters are mature, experienced carers who have raised their own children.

Do babysitters need a Background Check?

It's not a legal requirement but it is strongly recommended that parents ask the sitter to get a background check and bring it to the interview before booking a date.

How many children can a babysitter care for?

This depends on a few factors. Firstly the babysitter’s skills and experience. Secondly the ages, stages and needs of the children being babysat. Thirdly the environment, such as a private home or a group setting. For example, caring sole charge for 2 children under two years of age would be more demanding than caring for 2 children who are in primary-school. Parents should be guided by what will be safe and reasonable for the babysitter, given her level of experience.

What hours do babysitters work?

Babysitters often work in casual or part-time roles. The exact hours and days may vary depending on the family’s needs. So this may include day times, afternoons, late nights or early mornings.

How much does a babysitter cost?

The hourly rates for babysitters vary from city to city. It also depends on the details of the role (the number of children, the responsibilities, driving involved, day, hours) and the carer’s experience.  Market forces also influence hourly rates. For example after school care is in very high demand and the hourly rates for these roles are higher. Based on babysitters with profiles on The Best Babysitters the average hourly rate is between $15 - 30 per hour. The industry norm is that babysitters are paid more per hour if there are multiple children.

How are babysitters paid?

Parents pay the babysitter directly. This can be cash or online. The Best Babysitters does not get involved in payments and does not take a commission. This saves parents money and also ensures that the carers keep every dollar they earn.

How do I choose a babysitter?

Parents can choose the perfect match by posting a job on our site and sending messages. Parents are able to select the right babysitter, based on their needs and preferences. By using the Job Posting parents can state their requirements and attract applicants to them. Parents then interview and reference check to find the ideal babysitter. Our site provides a range of helpful guides for parents to assist them with writing a great job ad, interviewing babysitters and conducting reference checks. This helps parents recruit successfully so they can find a babysitter.