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A great babysitter bio can help you land the perfect babysitting job! Here are our tips to make your babysitter bio stand out from the rest, so you get great work at the right rates.

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How to write a babysitter bio that stands out

What is a babysitter bio?

A babysitter bio is a summary of you. It’s used as a ‘snapshot’ online so parents can find out more about you as a person and a babysitter when choosing babysitters to meet.

Bio is an abbreviation of the word biography. A biography is your story - your background, your education, your interests and your skills. So a babysitter bio is a short summary about you, that relates to babysitting.

Your bio should make you shine! It should share your personality, so parents are inspired to meet you.

Why is a babysitter bio important?

The bio is the main way for parents to find and choose you online. It’s the first impression parents will get when meeting you online. Parents rely on your bio to understand who you are and what makes you better than the rest!

Your bio will also help you get the right hourly rate, based on your experience. So it’s important to convey all the key information in your bio that proves your value.

There are hundreds of babysitters advertising online, on many platforms. Parents skim through long lists of babysitters quickly, so you need to make sure your babysitter bio stands out!

10 key points to include in a babysitter bio

They key points to include in your bio are:

  1. An introduction at the start - Hi, my name is....
  2. Your experience babysitting (the years you’ve been babysitting, the ages of children you’ve babysat)
  3. Your education (what you are currently studying or courses you’ve completed)
  4. Activities you enjoy doing when babysitting
  5. Any specialist skills or qualifications (e.g., newborn specialist, first aid certificate)
  6. If you’ve got a background check already or are willing to do one
  7. Your character strengths, your interests and talents that you’ll bring to the role when you’re babysitting
  8. Why you enjoy babysitting
  9. Your availability (what days our hours you are able to work)
  10. A closing statement at the end - Thank you and look forward to meeting you!

How long should my babysitter bio be?

The best babysitter bios are 5-10 sentences long. Your bio needs to be long enough to share important information, but not so long that parents lose focus! Your bio should not include your full resume, as it will be too hard for busy (and possibly sleep-deprived!) parents to process. Once parents decide to meet you they will want to know more. Plan to take a copy of your full resume along to the interview.

What style should I use when writing my bio?

Your bio should be written in a friendly and professional tone. Share your personality, while also maintaining a level of professionalism. Be guided by the style you would use when writing to a family friend.

What are parents looking for in a babysitter bio?

Apart from your babysitting experience and skills, parents will want to know that you are

  • reliable & responsible
  • honest
  • kind & caring
  • motivated
  • passionate about working with children
  • hard working.

Parents will also like to know about the unique interests and strengths you’ll bring the role of being a babysitter e.g., if you’re sporty, or musical, you enjoy books or speak a second language.

Who will see my babysitter bio?

Your babysitter bio will be published online. So it will be seen by anyone who searches the internet and opens The Best Babysitters.

What should I avoid writing in my babysitter bio?

Because your babysitter bio will be on the internet we suggest that you do not add confidential details in your bio. For example don’t include your

  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Other confidential identity information

This is because scammers are always seeking ways to use personal information for identity fraud.

Your first name, suburb and age is the only information The Best Babysitters shares.

You should also avoid sharing your full resume in your babysitter bio. This is because it will be too long for parents to read and it will share too much information.

Should I include a photo in my babysitter bio?

Yes, the best babysitter bios include a profile photo of you. Your bio is the first impression parents will get and often a photo helps make a personal connection.

What sort of photo is best for a babysitter bio?

A clear and current profile picture of you is ideal. Make sure your face is easily seen and the photo is professional. Choose a photo showing your happy smiling self! Some sitters include photos of pets or kids. If you include a child in your photo be sure to get the parent’s permission beforehand.

Proof Read

Check your babysitter bio for any typos, spelling errors or mistakes to be sure it reads well!

Set your profile to Visible

Once you’ve completed your profile remember to tick the box for ‘visible’ to ensure your bio goes online.

What are some examples of babysitter bios?

Here are some babysitter bio examples for inspiration!


Hi moms and dads, my name is Mary. I am a fun loving, responsible and reliable 20 year old. I’m in my 2nd year of an arts degree. I have experience working with children and young people through a number of my volunteer roles and work. In the past I have babysat 3 -10 year olds. I am confident in providing routines, cooking, organizing activities, helping with homework, bath time and bedtime. I love working with children because it gives me joy. I have a current background check and can provide references on request. My main availability is week nights and weekends. I look forward to hearing from you!


Hello! I'm Sarah. I am a student at college, majoring in psychology. I have experience in after school and evening babysitting and can provide references for these. I can cook savoury meals, clean, wash (dry, hang and fold) clothes, help with homework and prepare school lunches. I am the eldest child of 4 children and come from a big family with many little cousins, so I have had lots of experience with younger children. I also teach piano to younger students ranging from ages 6-10. I really enjoy spending time with children and engaging with them at their level. I am a hard worker and can be flexible with days and pay. Thanks for your time and hope to meet you soon!


Hi parents! My name is Kelly, I’m 30 years old and am a Registered Nurse, with 15 years experience looking after children of all ages.

I’m very professional and will provide exceptional care for your children. I have extensive experience looking after children of all ages, having worked in day care, as an au pair, a nanny and looking after newborns.

I will ensure that your children are in safe hands, while providing a fun and stimulating environment. I am happy and confident looking after young children with medical conditions such as, diabetes, epilepsy, autism, intellectual disabilities and other special needs.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to chat further. Thanks!


Hi! My name is Julie and I am a 26 year old who is currently working towards a social work degree to pursue a career with child services. I have 8+ years experience babysitting with children aged 1 - 16 years old. I am enthusiastic, active and adore children. My availability is very flexible at the moment. I am available day, night & sleepovers (which I have done a lot previously). I'm extremely trustworthy and would love to look after your children like they are my own. I also have a current Background Check & have my full drivers license with a clean driving record. Happy to provide any of these documents on request as well as references. Please feel free to contact me to set up a time to talk. Look forward to hearing from you!


Hi moms and dads, my name is Cathy. I am a mature and experienced lady who loves working with children and supporting their families.

I have more than 15 years of experience, during which I have been looking after many different children from babies who are a few weeks old to school ages.

Currently I am looking for work. I am available to help with school pick up and drop offs, for after school activities. I cook delicious meals for the families, and I can give a hand around the house with light housekeeping.

I love walking and exercising which keep me in good shape and health. I drive and I have my own car and a clean driving record. I also have a background check.

Please contact me if you are looking for extra help, currently I am available, on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Hi, my name is Mark and I’m a college student. I have 3 years of babysitting experience. I’m currently babysitting for a family with 2 children and I’m looking for extra work.

I'm active and enjoy sports. I am reliable and responsible and have enjoyed working with children that I have babysat in the past.

I’m a pretty good cook (in my humble opinion!) and am learning Japanese in my spare time. So I’d be happy to do some basic meal preparation for you and share my limited language skills with the kids!

I have a background check and references available.

I’m available for after school and evening babysitting. Feel free to contact me!

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